While 2013 will be remembered in the Denomination of Origin La Mancha for its historical harvest due to highest production ever (mainly because of the heavy rains that occurred during the year), 2014 will be reminded for the top quality of the harvest. Actually, although the results of the first wine productions for white and red wine varieties have not been published yet, it is almost sure the current harvest will be classified as “excellent”.

The decline in production has been widespread throughout the area of La Mancha: about 20% less compared to last year. Although there are certain areas where the production has decreased between 30% and 40%.

Moreover, the extraordinary quality of this year’s vintage has been verified by experts and winemakers consulted by the DO La Mancha. This has been possible thanks to several factors: the great health of the grapes (there has been no disease that has affected the plants), perfect maturation process (with considerable thermal contrasts between day and night in the pre-harvest period) and ideal wine graduations (exceeding 11.5° baumé in white Airen variety and reaching over 13° in red baumé variety such as tempranillo).