BulkWinesandSpirits.com was born two and a half years ago with the firm intention of positioning itself as a national and international reference among bulk wine professionals.

Since then we have increased our sales department in order to develop and provide a service to the strong network of international contacts in various strategically selected markets. Besides our online platform has been updated with new tools that facilitate the interconnection of buyers and sellers of bulk wines, alcohol, and derivatives worldwide.

Here are some figures to help understand the growth experienced in the last twelve months:

  • Bulkwineandspirits.com online traffic has tripled over last year.
  • During 2014 more than 10,000 professionals worldwide have visited the web.
  • 54% of traffic already comes from international markets.
  • Our 10 largest export markets are, in this order: Italy, France, Portugal, Brazil, Russia, USA, Germany, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.
  • In 2014 we have received 114% more product requests than in 2013.
  • We have closed 20% more deals than last year.

Just thank you for your confidence and hope that at the end of 2015 we may again say that the year has been much better than 2014. What is certain is that we will work in this way.