Below we briefly summarize what is the situation of the international whiskey market: most demanded products and interesting alternatives.


Local experts with more than 40 years of experience inform us about in that time they have never seen such a situation on cost and stock.

The cost to produce Scotch whisky is now double to what it was in 2021 due to energy and raw material. At the same time demand across the world is outstripping supply. Some big volume gains over COVID mean that even the largest distillers do not have sufficient stock and are looking to buy. When Diageo become net buyers in the market you know there is a problem.

This means the cost of mature stock has also had to increase at the same rate, because it is costing so much more to replace. Therefore, pricing is very different to what it was even 6 months ago as forecasted costs of production continue to increase. Stocks are also very limited across the industry and therefore it will be on availability at the time.

It will be very difficult to find anyone willing to take on new customers at this time. Some distilleries do not have any surplus stock of some of their products and it may be 2025 before they do have any.


Bulk sales of 3yo malt Irish whiskey have been suspended until the end of 2023. There are only two distilleries in Ireland that can source malt whiskey in bulk.

What’s happening here is that the wholesale guys are realizing that they will be tight on young aged Whiskey for the next 12 – 18 months, and deciding not to sell as bulk as it has more value and better margin being consumed in blends, and the volume growth is on the blend side.


At BW&S we are going further and have been looking for alternative whiskies in Europe, America and Canada. We have access to:

  • Single Malt Whisky, both peated and non-peated
  • New make malt spirit for maturation to whisky
  • Malt spirit (whisky in some markets) matured for less than 3 years. As our whisky matures very fast, it is very suitable for sale as whisky in markets that do not require 3 years of maturation
  • During 2023, we will be able to start supplying blended whisky and rye whisky as well
  • Bourbon barrels (different ages, origins and mash bills)
  • New Fill Bourbon (different ages, origins and mash bills)
  • American whisky (different ages, origins and mash bills)
  • Canadian Whisky (different ages and mash bills)

If you are interested in finding out more, do not hesitate to contact our Bourbon and whisky specialist, Cris: | +34 610 129 078