The Wines and Alcohols team that was present at the Food and Drinks fair held in Chengdu (China), the oldest and most authentic reference in the food and alcoholic beverages sector in the Asian giant, has just returned and has done so with excellent news .

Excellent news for two reasons.

First: China 🔥

We can summarize the current situation of the Chinese market with these two pieces of information:

  • If we look at the official figures published by the Chinese customs agency, imports of alcoholic beverages in 2023 grew by 10% compared to the previous year (in contrast, wine imports have decreased by 30%).
  • The predictions for the immediate future are that this growth rate, at least, will be maintained

Second: Us ✌️

Why do we say this? Well, because we have been able to see first-hand:

  • That we are currently a benchmark in the bulk spirits sector in China, which reinforces our strategic commitment to this market (and by extension in the rest of the Asian markets)
  • That we have developed and strengthened strong relationships with the main agents and protagonists of the bulk market in China

And what does all this mean for you, a spirits producer?

That we offer you the opportunity to introduce your products into new markets with enormous potential. And remember that the space that you do not occupy will be occupied by others.

Think about it. And he acts.