This week has been chosen by several bodegas to start posting the first prices for grapes in the 2014/15 campaign. One of the most important ones, Vinartis (García Carrión), did it on Tuesday:

  • Tempranillo / Varietales grape with D.O. Baume and 13º Baumé or higher: 0.01923 euros/kilogrado.
  • Red Tempranillo grape with D.O. and less than 13º Baumé: 0.01743 euros/kilogrado.

* You must add to these prices 0.0120 euros/kilo for transport charges

Moreover, Vinartis offers two payment options to winegrowers: a) paying 100% of the grapes delivered on 15 January 2015, b) paying in advance 30% of the grapes delivered on 15 January and the remaining 70% on February 15th, 2015.

For the grapes without D.O. Vinartis offers these quotes:

  • Tempranillo grape without D.O. with 11,5º Baumé or higher: 0.01262 euros/kilogrado.
  • Tempranillo grape without D.O. less than 11,5º Baume: 0.00962 euros/kilogrado.
  • Varietals (Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah): € 0.01442/kilogrado.

* You do not have to add transportation fees to these prices

** The payment terms are the same as those specified above