José María Fresneda (ASAJA general secretary) supports this data, adding further that is 10% more than the usual harvest, although notes that “it will not be a harvest grossly exaggerated” (awesome news for the bulk wine market).

In this line, Blanca Corroto, notes that the harvest “is delayed about 10 or 15 days“. On the other hand Mr. Fresneda highlights that Airen and Macabeo are those varieties whose production is more present in the region. On top of that, the current year this production will feature an excellent quality thanks to the ideal weather conditions during the whole season: heat followed by rain.

Considering prices, Mr. Fresneda has points out that those “depend on market evolution” along with the development of the international wine trade.

Furthermore, and equally important, Mr. Fresneda also admits that producers have faced problems regarding insect plagues. Particularly, tinder is damaging vineyards heavily.

On the other hand, he also highlights the fact that several companies have failed in fulfilling their signed contracts. This is why it is so necessary to enforce a change in the legal regulations, making easier to avoid those practices.