France, Italy and Spain according to the latest forecast will be around 44 million hectoliters in grape juice and wines. This amount could be overcome by Spain.

After storms suffered in France, there is an estimate of harvest for the French conglomerate, but experts say there is a buzz, due to weather conditions that have adversely affected the grape. Thus the figures fall over the previous year mainly in the areas of Bordeaux and Cognac, which have the lowest harvest since 1.991. We could talk about a reduction in the harvest of 45.8 to 43.8 million hectoliters.

In Italy, at the expense of knowing yet ISMEA recent data, the Italian wine producer organizations estimate for the next harvest led to discordant information between them. According Coldiretti, harvesting will increase by 3% over the previous year. Placing harvest around 42 million hectoliters. Winemakers Association is estimated 44-45 million hectoliters in its report of 31 August.

According to experts, for Spain, the estimates are around 44-46 million hectoliters.

Something in common is the delay that will occur in all vintage, therefore, all data specified here they are still approximate, but in all cases is confident of overcoming the previous crop harvest (good news for bulk wine). Both Italy and France would be on the average, even somewhat lower. They are however, Spain would exceed more than 10% in previous years (around 40 million hectoliters), following outbursts of vineyards and improvements in production.