Bulkwineandspirits.com team will attend on 25th and 26th of November the World Bulk Wine, the most important bulk wine expo in Europe, held every year in Amsterdam.

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition supports quality bulk wine

Over 170 wineries from around the world will gather at this year’s meeting of the V edition of the World Bulk Wine, where new wines will be presented to international buyers and sellers. It will be the most important WBE of the last years, with higher attendance and variety of sources.

France will be represented by 47 wineries, becoming one of the countries with hugest presence at the exhibition. Some of the biggest French producers, such as Valorbieu / UCCOAR, Producta, Men in Bulk and Cooperativa Languedoc Rousillon will be there.

Italy will be another of the leading countries at the show, with 22 wineries. Among them, brands like Gruppo Collis, Ce vi co, Cantina de Soave, Caviro, Cantine delláncellotta or Consorzio vini dábruzzo.

Spain, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Australia and South Africa are the other players in this annual fair, although we also find producers from countries like Liechtenstein, the U.S. and Uruguay. Even for the first time we find producers from Canada, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Moldova and Bulgaria.

With all this, the show becomes a unique opportunity so that global buyers can access an offer range of around 30 million hectoliters, being able to know more about the complexity of flavors and textures related to this year´s harvest.

This event is intended for professionals who specialize in trading large volumes of wine. In fact, without any doubt the World Bulk Wine Exibition has established itself as a must for industry professionals.