During the years 2015 and 2016 in our company, we mark as objective to know in person to our customers and suppliers.

A pending and much-desired trip was US, we wanted to meet the birthplace of Bourbon, meet in person the Whiskey manufacturers, so we put date for October 2016.

During ours stay in the USA, we covered some States of big importance for the Bourbon production, the most famous at the global scale Kentucky Bourbon, and others of big relevancy for this spirits drink as the Bourbon can be produced in all U.S. states.


Visit to the main producers

We visited the main production companies of this exquisite and valued drink, taste several types of whiskey and exchanged impressions with the managers of the mentioned companies concerning the situation that crosses the Bourbon market.

We commented the gigantic demand that this smoked liquid that has experimented on last years. Undoubtedly the world of the spirits drinks it is focused on the American distilleries, to hunt the whiskeys that go out to the market.

In these meetings, we also spoke about the possibility of collaboration between both companies, which were very productive and we are confident, will be successful. Thanks to it, Bulk Wine & Spirits has great opportunities to offer to our customers the famous Bourbon, along with other products of great importance: Rye Whisky, Whiskey of several types of grains, Vodka, Gin and Grain Alcohol.


Production process

Our suppliers opened the doors of their distilleries to show us their facilities and explain point by point every step employed for the achievement of their products. During the visit, we have seen how it ferments the different types of grain, the corn whose percentage must be at least 51%, all it with controlled temperatures, which allows manage the fermentation process using specific computer programs, maintaining the traditional methods of the older generations.

bulk bourbon production

It is necessary to emphasize that, inside each manufacturing, there is a special and different characteristic that the producer gives to its liquid to emphasize and to make its product unique. Most of them selects the grains and mash bill of the same, some others the water they use, as the obtained from springs, stills which have passed from generation to generation; others select their barrels, using those who are made using the deepest part of the trunk of the oak.

A special place and full of smells is the warehouse, where they move the casks once filled. Is the longer process of the production chain.The stores are designed to create a very special atmosphere, usually have 4-5 plants and an elevator to raise the barrels to the upper floors. To compensate the temperature with the outside air, are provided for windows in the various plants. To compensate the temperature with the outside air, they are provided with windows in different plants. During the summer, on the last floor are very high temperatures, while on the ground floor, the air is fresh, it seems to have an air conditioner. Therefore, the whiskey ages in different ways on each floor. To ensure the stability of the product, the barrels are changed site during the maturation process.

bulk bourbon production

They showed us the investments that each of them were doing, in new distillation columns, stills, all on last generation and at the same time preserving the traditional methods. We saw the aging warehouses that are being built following the tradition of their ancestors, all of this with the aim of ensuring the future demands of those products whose growth has increased dramatically in the last decade.

Magical places marked by history, illusion for new beginnings and following the tradition of the ancient generations.


Fulfilled mission

The purpose of the trip has been to meet personally the persons with whom we work every day, to visit the facilities of our providers and ensure to our clients the veracity of the products that we offer.

In our commercial visit, we informed in a confidential manner the different demands of our customers, and expressed their concerns, always from the anonymity and under strict confidentiality agreements.

bulk bourbon production

We are excited. We have returned with new business opportunities for Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, and other blends of complex American whiskey, high graduation, full and traditional body and spicy-sweet character.

If you are interested in receiving more information, please do not hesitate to email us at export@vinosyalcoholes.com  / sales@vinosyalcoholes.com.