In recent years, the cream liqueur market has experienced a real boom. It is a continuously growing and changing market, as more and more flavours, textures and colours are introduced along with new products.

Not all suppliers are the same

Despite the success of cream liqueurs, only relatively few producers in the world are able to create a really good and stable cream base. At Bulk, Wine and Spirits we are proud to be part of this trend as our suppliers of cream liqueurs are among this small group of producers. Due to the extremely complex production process, it is very difficult to mix dairy products with alcohol. This makes the production of a cream a highly specialised job in which the natural fats in the cream undergo extensive preparation before being mixed with the alcohol that is added to the process. The result is a rich and smooth tasting cream that can be used for the production of cream liqueurs.

“The total consumption of cream liqueurs in the world is 152 million litres

The cream liqueur category has always been perceived as boring, seasonal and lacking in innovation. However, because of its flavour and velvety texture, cream liquors are still on the rise and 2019 has seen a major change in its fortunes.There are two theories about the origin of cream liqueur. On the one hand, one theory places it in Scotland centuries ago where they mixed whisky with cream and sugar to lower the alcohol content and add sweetness. On the other hand, more current assumptions place Ireland as a pioneer in combining cream and whiskey which totally changed the way spirits were consumed.

Bulk cream liquors for the food and beverage industry

At Bulk, Wine and Spirits our suppliers offer their bulk cream base recipes for the food and beverage industry. There are different qualities to choose from, ranging from low to high fat. In addition, we also have a high quality vegan cream base that can be flavoured directly for your production
If you are interested in both cream liqueurs and vegan cream liqueurs, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our team of professionals will be happy to help and advise you throughout the process.

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