Bourbon bottlers around the world are trying to get their hands on KY Bourbon “new fill” but there is no availability in the market.

In the last two years we have seen how the trend is obvious, we observed how it was speculated and became more and more expensive. In addition to being a product to which very few have access.

This is due to it being a stable market product that always has buyers and is revalued year by year; in three years you can get returns of 100% – in 5 years it can exceed 250%.

KY distilleries have all their production in signed contracts, they have everything sold. To whom do they sell the “New Fill”? The answer: to investment funds that facilitate access to this type of investment for their clients.

The distilleries have stopped selling to each other and Kentucky Bourbon is in the hands of investors. KY is no longer going to market, even customers who already have signed agreements are trying to sign new contracts, but there is nothing left to sell. Some distilleries are expanding facilities so they can produce more.

At Bulk, Wine and Spirits we have experience, market knowledge and access to one of the best specialists in this type of investment.

We know which barrels are on the market, who has access to the most exclusive barrels and we can advise you on how to invest in premium Bourbon and accompany you throughout the purchase process. If you are a bottler, we can provide you with access to large inventories and put you in contact with the owners.

If you do not want to make your life complicated and what you really want is to bottle Bourbon from other non-KY origins, we can put you in contact with distilleries in TX, IN, MN and reach agreements for both “new fill” and aged barrels.

We have serious and properly audited suppliers. Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals.