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Molasses is defined as the residues of the final crystallization of sugar. It is a dense and viscous liquid syrup of dark brown color obtained after the processing of the sugar cane or beet juices.

One of the uses of this product is to obtain some spirits, since after fermentation alcohol is obtained for the preparation of spirits especially for rums and cachaça. Said fermentation is the process of transformation of sugar that contains a raw material in alcohol, by the action of microorganisms called yeasts. May react naturally or in a controlled manner.

Commercial molasses uses the Brix scale as an indicator of specific gravity and as an approximation to the total solids content. The Brix scale measures the sugar content in a sugar solution that has the same specific gravity of the liquid of interest. Thus, an 80º Brix molasses has a specific gravity of 1,416; which is the same as a sucrose solution in water containing 80% of sucrose by weight.

There are different types of molasses for the manufacture of spirits, including:

  • Sugarcane molasses / Beet molasses
  • High test molasses
    • Molasses type A, B and C

The ideal way to make good quality spirits is using molasses with a high sugar content and low ash level.

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