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What is RTD (Ready to Drink)?

RTD are ready-to-drink beverages in cans that have become a trend which is increasingly gaining popularity.

Years ago they were famous only in the United States, but now they have become a new category for alcoholic soft drink lovers around the globe.

All the big names in soft drinks that had previously done nothing with alcohol have now joined the new ”adventure”. Some of these are Monster, Pepsi, Coca Cola, WhiteClaw and so on.


Why hast it become a trend?

  1. It is a drink that emphasises natural flavour, which makes it less
  2. RTD, also called ‘Hard Seltzer’, just has 5% of A reasonable percentage of alcohol for those who do not want a drink with a lot of alcohol.
  3. It is an easy-to-drink ready-to-drink which is already prepared and we can take it Moreover, it has a fresh and smooth flavour.
  4. Another reason why it has had an impact is that they are carb-free, gluten-free and low in sugar, which makes them perfect for millennials and generation
  5. Furthermore, cans as a form of packaging are environmentally
  6. The design is another reason why it is becoming a It has many shapes and colours, which makes them irresistible to try.


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