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Molasses alcohol in bulk

Alcohol of agricultural origin with great acceptance in the market

It is a neutral alcohol of agricultural origin obtained by the distillation and rectification of liquids directly fermented from beet or sugar cane, with a graduation of 96% vol. alcohol.

The molasses or cane syrup is a liquid product, quite thick, derived from the sugar cane or from beet, with a very dark colour, sweet flavour and with a small touch of bitter; it is made by boiling the juice until the partial evaporation of the water, then it becomes a semi crystallized, sweet product.

Then the molasses are sterilized and diluted in water, to facilitate the action of the yeasts (to become a wort). The wort must be fermented by yeast inoculation in order to obtain a product with high content of ethanol. This product will be later separated and rectified.

The must goes through a fermentation process by yeast inoculation, a product with high content of ethanol is then obtained, and it is the one that is going to be separated and then rectified.

The mixture goes through a distillation process, in order to separate properly the ethanol, before reaching the last stage, the rectification.

In the first distillation column, a stream which contains impurities, known as vinasses, is separated and the process continues with another stream with a rich alcohol content.

For the rectified alcohol prevenient from sugar shall be obtained a minimum of 280 litres of alcohol per ton of molasses, whose quantity 88% must be rectified alcohol with no less graduation of 96º centesimal in volume, and the 12% of unclean spirits, transformed into alcohol. The rectified alcohol from molasses is suitable for mouth use.

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